Our pulse is on Hong Kong’s thriving LGBTQI community.

Launched in 2013, PLUG provides a definitive coverage of art, style and LGBTQI culture in Hong Kong. With its unique and beautiful design and teeming with contributions from the city's (and beyond) finest writers, artists and photographers, PLUG reaches hundreds of young men and women each month, regardless of gender and stereotype. We speak to all sides of the gender equation: PLUG appeals to ALL.

PLUG into the city of Hong Kong.

PLUG into the LGBTQI community.

Help us PLUG you and your talents.

What is PLUG?

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    We are your gateway to LGBT Hong Kong

    We are for visitors and residents alike, we aim to present you an easy way to find what you are looking for in Hong Kong

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    We feature current news & relevant events

    We give you a slice of life on what it’s like to live in hong Kong: we offer you what is current in our gay and creative community

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    We are not LGBT-exclusive

    We want to unite everyone who believes in equality and LGBT-related causes

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    We are open-minded and inclusive

    We seek to promote involvement in “the movement” to further LGBT rights

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    We are community-driven

    We seek to be relevant, valid, critical representatives of the gay community

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    We offer you a way to get involved

    If you’re looking to get involved in LGBTQI events and causes in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place!