Big Gay Bingo at FLM Express Cocktail Hour

Big Gay Bingo for March will be on Thursday the 2nd from 8:30pm.

This will coincide with FLM’s weekly FLM Express Free Cocktail Hour Thursday (which starts at 9pm).

To join the bingo game, simply purchase a drink to get your bingo card. The more drinks you buy the more cards you get and the greater your chances to win – EASY!

This month we have some hot new products from our friends at PRIVATE STRUCTURE. You can check out their latest collections here:

Plus heaps more fun and random prizes that will have you gagging on our balls (our bingo balls, that is!)

We’ll announce the free cocktail of the week closer to the event day.

It’s one of the funniest and most fun LGBT weeknights in town- so come on by with your buddies and see what all the FOMO is about!

Hosted by the often scandalous Miss CLEO MOANS.

Free Entry.

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