Community Reception @ PMQ | Gay Games 2022

Five site inspectors from the Federation of Gay Games will come to Hong Kong from June 19 to 22 to evaluate our city. They’ll be inspecting our proposed sites for each sporting, art and cultural event, evaluate the logistics and appraise the level of community support to host the games.

Following on from the Gay Games 2022 bid update from FinS, on Wednesday 21st June we’ve got the Community Reception for the inspectors. This is Hong Kong’s chance to really show off our solidarity and commitment to equality, love and talent.

If you or your company has supported the LGBT+ community here, then it’s your chance to get involved and show off the great work that you’ve done.

There’ll be live performances (lion dance, LGBT+ choir, sports demos), food and drinks, and representatives from many Hong Kong businesses, the LGBT+ community along with sports, arts and cultural organisations.

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  • Wednesday 21st June, 6.30pm onwards, 
  • PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, Central

We will be holding a free entry event at PMQ from 18:30-21:30 on Wednesday 21st June. Our target is for 200-300 people to attend and demonstrate that the Hong Kong community wants to host the 2022 Gay Games.

There will be live performances (lion dance, LGBT+ choir, sports demos), food and drinks, and representatives from many Hong Kong businesses, the LGBT+ community along with sports, arts and cultural organisations.

Event details:

  • Venue: PMQ – 35 Aberdeen Street, Central & Western, Hong Kong
  • Date: June 21, 2017 at 6:30PM to 9:30 PM

Please join us at PMQ !

Does your organisation want to support the bid for Gay Games Hong Kong XI 2022?

We would love each partner organisation to bring a pull-up banner so our guests can visually understand that “Hong Kong wants to host the Gay Games XI 2022 for first time in Asia”. Please sign up here if your organisation is interested in participating (free) at this event with a banner.

What are the Gay Games?

The Gay Games is a world-class sport and cultural festival organised by the LGBT community every 4 years. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of sexual orientation, ability, gender, age or race. The Gay Games were intended, in the spirit of Tom Waddell, to build bridges between heterosexual and LGBT sports associations and to go beyond sport to give birth of an ambitious social project The core mission of the Gay Games Games is to promote equality of human beings through organisation of and participation in the international sport and cultural event.  The spirit of equality is enshrined in the Games’ principle of inclusion for individual differences.  Athletes, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, age, level of ability and other differences, are welcome to participate in the Games.  The Games would not be able come into place  unless everyone is involved.

Why bid to host the Gay Games in Hong Kong in 2022?

Hong Kong is truly an iconic and world-class city. From the instantly recognisable urban landscape, to the harbour and mountains, unrivalled transport infrastructure, wide range of sport facilities, entertainment venues and huge accommodation capacity Hong Kong can cater for every requirement of the Gay Games’ events. The unquenchable drive and spirit of our city will provide a unique environment for the Games. “Participation, inclusion and personal best” are the core values of the Federation of Gay Games. We believe those values chime with the spirit of Hong Kong. We want to bring the Games to our city to showcase LGBT sporting and cultural organisations especially in Asia. The Hong Kong Bid is against 8 other cities in the world but we are the first and only Asian city that has ever bid. This effort in itself is a milestone for our LGBT community here. Our bid proposal includes 36 sports including Dragon Boating, Trail Running and Tower Run ICC. We expect up to 15,000 participants and 25,000 spectators who will bring up to Hong Kong Dollars 1 billion to the local economy if we can host the Games in Hong Kong in 2022.

For more information, visit their website at or contact

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