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Home Outright Actional International Formerly Known as IGLHRC 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1505 New York New York 10038 United States of America Work Phone: +1 212 430 6054 Work Fax: +1 212 430 6060 Website: https://www.outrightinternational.org


Every day, LGBTIQ people’s human rights and dignity are abused worldwide in ways that shock the conscience. The stories of their struggles and their courageous resilience are astounding, yet remain unknown—or willfully ignored—by those with the power to make change. Activists stand up for their rights and put themselves at great danger around the world. We work to bring visibility to their struggles and expose discrimination and violence against them. We believe that without a groundswell of pressure, particularly from countries where LGBTIQ equality has progressed, these attacks on individuals’ fundamental dignity will continue unabated.

    We partner directly with thousands of activists throughout the Global South to develop effective advocacy and capacity building for LGBTIQ rights.
    We conduct trainings with partners and activists on tactics and strategy for LGBTIQ rights documentation and advocacy.
    We vigilantly monitor and document the discriminatory and life-threatening conditions LGBTIQ people face to spur action to stop human rights violations when they occur.
    We share news, cultural media and advocacy of partners, activists and experts through the lens of LGBTIQ people working on international human rights.
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Outright Actional International Formerly Known as IGLHRC New York New York 10038 United States of America