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Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting (TCJM)



A coalition representing many of Hong Kong’s LGBT groups. The Central Committee of the TCJM meets quarterly and operates bilingually, drawing its information form the organisations represented in it and using their widespread links to get the word out.

The TCJM is chaired by Reggie Ho, Honorary Chairman of Horizons, and currently includes representation from AIDS Concern, the Chi Heng Foundation, Satsanga, Fruits in Suits, Horizons, Les Peches, Queer Straight Alliance and the Tongzhi Literary Group. The TCJM has appointed specific liaison officers to Interbank, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, Gay Harmony, the Community Movement Network, the Association for the Advancement of Feminism,, Unitarian Universalists Hong Kong and Amnesty International Hong Kong’s LGBT Section.

The TCJM is advised by the solicitor Michael Vidler, who won the recent Hong Kong cases involving Billy Leung and Siu Cho. The TCJM is assisted in its work by a series of Groups which meet on an as required basis: Research Groups in both Chinese and English; Fund Raising Group; Communications Group; and Letter Writing Groups in both Chinese and English.

The TCJM’s aims include: linking the tongzhi organisations operating in Hong Kong; providing a forum for the discussion of LGBT issues; providing a resource for tongzhi information and expertise, and a network to acquire and disseminate it; providing a focal point for the Government and other bodies; developing strategies on tongzhi issues; assisting with and implementing campaigns; and developing public relations campaigns to mobilise the LGBT community and to influence public opinion.