Estate Planning for the LGBT Community

How to ensure your family are provided for after you are gone?

Are you aware of the limited rights your LGBTI partner or your children would have if you were to fall seriously ill or die?

Have you considered your will or succession planning issues?

Pink Season is delighted to continue its great work on supporting the LGBTI community in Hong Kong and to bring you a presentation sponsored by Infinity Financial Solution on succession planning issues affecting LGBTI couples and families.

Issues covered will include:

  • What happens if your partner is from another country?
  • What would happen to your children if you were to die?
  • How would your assets be distributed to your partner or family?
  • Who has the right to make medical decisions if you are incapacitated?
  • How do you deal with your assets in other countries?
  • What is a Will and how does it work?

Join us for a free presentation where we will have a full and frank discussion with experts about how to protect your estate for those that you love.

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