AIDS Concern: Love & Inclusion Art Exhibition

Love is inclusive. Inclusion requires love.

The largest obstacle to taking HIV out of Hong Kong is the social stigma against it. Because of the negative label of HIV, most of the people who are living with HIV (PLHIV) ignore or try to escape from the treatment after being infected. AIDS Concern is trying our best to build a more lovable and inclusive society in order to eliminate the discrimination against HIV/AIDS and the people living with it.

By visualizing the notion Love & Inclusion, a number of artists, including a few philanthropic celebrities, PLHIV, disabled artist and local artists, delivered message “how to love” to the public in order to raise the awareness of loving the people that we are not familiar with and build an inclusive society hand in hand.




AIDS Concern’s Love & Inclusion Art Exhibition

開幕禮 Grand Opening (By invitation only 只限受邀請人士):
2018.03.05 , 5:30p.m (第一節session one )/ 7:00p.m (第二節session two)– 9:00 pm.

展期 Open to public:

地點 Venue:
香港大會堂高座7樓展覽館 Exhibition Gallery, 7/F, High Block, Hong Kong City Hall

參展藝術家 Artists:
謝玲玲女士/ 趙式芝女士/ 李皓霖 (Jlee 360) 女士/ 張嘉兒女士/ 唐文龍先生/ 貝安琪女士/ 葉灃先生/ 楊小芳女士/ 愛滋病病毒感染者 *排名不分先後
Ms. Hsieh Ling Ling, Ms. Gigi Chao, Ms. Jlee 360, Ms. Kayi Cheung, Mr. Michael Tong Man Lung, Ms. Ankie Beilke, Mr. Norm Yip, Ms. Yeung Siu Fong, People living with HIV (PLHIV) *in arbitrary order

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