Millennial Vintage: New School Goes Old School

A booze-fuelled, no-clothes-allowed hotel party full of zero-fucks attitude and plenty of flash photography rates high on many people’s bucket list. Whether or not it will look as sexy as Mherck Dela Cruz makes it look is another thing entirely.

Mherck is a locally-based photographer from the Philippines that introduced himself to PLUG Magazine at their recent Art Tuesday events. He’s always loved cameras- being in front of them as a kid, and taking a behind-the-lens role as an emerging artist. His passion for taking photos and support for the LGBT-community comes across in his body of work, which is why he was introduced by Nicoline Aagesen to Tiziana de Pallieres, the owner of Artizians, an online art gallery/collective and creative agency.

Millennial Vintage

He’s just one of six photographers (chosen from 150!) that Artizians are featuring in their upcoming group show, “Millennial Vintage”, which runs from from December 17 to 19 at Kong Art Space in SoHo. The exhibition includes: Denmark-born, Hong Kong-based Nicoline Aagesen; Casper Lundemann from Denmark; Victoria Lemus from the US; Sergio del Amo from Spain; and Italian Errico Fabio Russo; and it’s all thanks to Tiziana de Pallieres, a London-based curator that founded Artizians. Despite being from all over the world, the photographers are united in their aesthetic- it’s bold, provocative and oozing with sensational sexual energy.

These young photographers are writing a contemporary narrative to sexualised photography, choosing to embody sexual empowerment instead of exploitation.Their style and ability to capture the stark look and feel of a specific moment comes across as personal, a sign that the subjects are completely comfortable with and trust the artists. Their pictures give off a cool whiff of body confidence they hope is contagious, whether or not you look like a model.

Despite the sexiness being turned all the way up, there’s a soft rawness to many of the photos that makes you wonder if you aren’t looking at someone’s personal photo collection from decades past. Artizians describe this look and feel as “Millennial Vintage”, a modern reference to old-school, lo-fi analog photography and a trend that inspires their curation. It’s this subtle nod to nostalgia and palpable voyeurism that makes it hard not to enjoy the work. And why shouldn’t you?

Millennial Vintage opens with a party from 5-10pm on Sunday sponsored by ABSOLUT ELYX, Le Boudoir and Seven Brews. It’s open to the public from Monday, 18 December to Tuesday, 19 December.

Kong Art Space, 3 Staunton Street, Central. For more information, visit

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