Pink Dot Hong Kong 2016

Hey Pinkies GOOD NEWS?

We are back!! #PinkDotHK2016 , co-organized by #BigLoveAlliance and #PinkAlliance, is coming to West Kowloon Nursery Park on Sunday, September 25th!

Our theme of this year is <LOVE WINS>.

Mark your calendar and come support us!

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Pink Dot 2016 was held Sunday 25 September 2-7pm at West Kowloon Nursery Park. It was the third edition of what has quickly become Hong Kong’s largest and most anticipated LGBTI event and was be organised under the theme “Love Wins”. The event is co-organised by BigLove Alliance and Pink Alliance.

大愛同盟及粉紅主辦,年度LGBTI盛事一點粉紅2016將於2016年9月25日(星期日)下午2點至7點 假西九文化區苗圃公園舉行。一點粉紅今年將踏入第三屆,主題定為「愛必勝」,歡迎不同人士踴躍參與。

In 2015, the second year of the free carnival broke a record attendance for an LGBTI related event in the city with over 15,500 participants. Following this massive success, the event is been moved to a larger venue that will be able to accommodate not only more people but also more activities.


“We are truly excited to go to a larger venue this year. It will be enable Pink Dot to become a real carnival with loads of animations including participations from community organisations and interactive activities something that Tamar’s size restricted us to do”, says Brian Leung, Pink Dot Co-Director. “We want Pink Dot to become a true destination for participants to have fun and experience diversity not only in sexual orientation but also in age, ethnic and socio-economic background”.


To celebrate Hong Kong being shortlisted for the 2022 Gay Games, the “Love Wins” theme will be integrated throughout Pink Dot 2016 programme with a particular emphasis on sports with multiple activities for all ages, as well as a free evening concert featuring Anthony Wong, Denise Ho, C Allstar, Chau Pak-Ho and a league of well-known Hong Kong performers (full list of the performers will be announced at a later date). Rising television stars and this year’s “pink ambassadors” Neo Yau and Sing Lam will also attend the event to show straight participation and support of the LGBTI community. To symbolise love and as a way to create high visual impact, participants will be encouraged to wear pink.

為慶祝香港成為2022同志奧運會(Gay Games)候選主辦城市,一點粉紅2016節目內容將包括多個圍繞「運動精神」的活動,現場更設多個藝術手工製作攤位、遊戲、飲食、以及音樂會。黃昏音樂會表演單位包括黃耀明、何韻詩、C Allstar、周柏豪等多位本地知名歌手(更多名單將陸續公布)。本年度大會更請來兩位嶄露鋒芒的新晉演員 – 游學修和林耀聲,雙雙出任「HeHe粉紅大使」,無分攣直,宣揚直人撐同志及多元共融的訊息。為配合主題及大合照環節,大會鼓勵參加者當日穿戴粉紅色衣飾出席。

Once again Pink Dot’s supporting organisation will be the ‘Covenant of the Rainbow’, a religious organisation initiated by Christian organisations, local churches and theological student fellowships, created to support truly inclusive church communities where all people are welcome, regardless of their race, gender, language, age, occupation, sexual orientation and gender identity, or level of abilities.


Pink Dot is a free, fun carnival and outdoor concert organised for LGBTI and their allies, families, friends, and colleagues in support of diversity and love equality and the event was awarded the LGBT Community Impact Award at the Community Business 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards held in May.


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