PLUG Magazine – The Art Issue

“What is art?”

If there’s one thing that four years in art school taught me, and sometimes I worry it was really only one thing, it’s that there isn’t a perfect definition of art and there doesn’t need to be. Besides, anyone who’s asking “what is art” probably has an answer/indulgent speech ready. Skip that question and ask yourself instead, “What art do I like?” Then go find the artists that make it and find some way to support them.

That’s what we did for the Art Issue.

This issue starts off with an introduction to several talented artists from around the world that we featured in a gallery exhibition called, IDENTITY. Their work explores how they express their own identities, which seems cliche, until you see how beautifully diverse their interpretations are.

The IDENTITY Exhibition was the first event in a 5-week series of Art Tuesdays at the Barber’s Basement Gallery. After the opening show, there was a Japanese rope bondage life drawing class, a ‘Pride’ Poster Competition & Showcase, new photography work from local legend Laura Simonsen, and a wicked evil horror-themed closing exhibition on Halloween.

For the magazine, we interviewed internationally admired artivist Daniel Arzola from Venezuela, highlighted a sobering social campaign from Absolut vodka, revisited Microsoft Paint to recreate the cinematic world of Wong Kar-Wai, dived into some of this year’s best album covers and spoke with lead actors from the stage version of ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” ahead of their Hong Kong debut.

This issue is intentionally more visual than some of our others to honour the artists that inspire us. We filled the printed issue with full-page images with the hope they might in turn inspire you to create.

If you’re reading this digitally, sniff a book before you start electronically flipping pages and imagine how good it would feel to hold a PLUG issue in your hands.

As always, thanks for your support.

– Timothy

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(Cover Art courtesy of Marc Standing)

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