PLUG Magazine – The Advocate Issue

What are we fighting for?

It’s almost ingrained in the LGBT+ community, since forever we have been advocating- for visibility, for inclusion, for equal rights, for respect. We’ve come a long way, and still have a long road ahead.

We started PLUG in 2013 as a magazine and alternative events organizer for the LGBT+ community. Naturally, we started embedding in as many corners of the community as possible, networking with existing groups, educating ourselves on causes, meeting advocates. You could say we plugged right in, and never stopped printing our magazine or running events. Since then, we’ve developed a clear mission for our advocacy- key issues that directly affect Hong Kong’s LGBT+ community and benefit the whole city, because we all rise by lifting others.

For our brand new CultureFest event in October, we explored what happens when we turn that advocacy outward, beyond just our immediate community. We’ve earned our bottomless brunches and pride parades, but could we also leverage our privilege to help other communities in need? You only stand to benefit from exercising empathy.

This Advocate Issue is dedicated to people empowering others through cultural expression. This includes the young, local LGBT+ artists featured in full-page throughout the magazine, and the NGO’s and charity groups supporting underrepresented communities. These are the artists and groups that we selected to showcase at CultureFest.

We also speak with the director of Asia’s largest LGBT+ festival, bring up the people trying to disrupt the LGBT+ travel industry, feature the Unsung Heroes Choir, and introduce the artists partnering with us to raise money for local charities. Amidst that, our guest contributor takes pause to ask, “Where are all the bi boys at?”

We hope you enjoy and always remember to first advocate for yourself!

If you’re reading this digitally, sniff a book before you start electronically flipping pages and imagine how good it would feel to hold a PLUG issue in your hands.

As always, thanks for your support.

– Timothy

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(Cover Art courtesy of Kasper Forest)

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