Unleashing the Harmonics LGBT Choir

Photo Credit: Time Out Hong Kong
We spoke to the Harmonics choir,  just before this Saturday’s upcoming concert, “Unleash”. They caught us up on what they’ve been busy with and what they’re excited about in the coming year. Heads up, they want you!

How have you seen the Harmonics grow in 3 years?
The group has grown from 10 members to almost 50 people now! We used to be all gay male singers and now we have LGBT+ and straight men and women singing with us.

What is the group most excited about in the coming year?
We will launch our new season this August with the theme of “A Night at the Movies”. We are expecting about 60 people to sing with us. In April 2019, we are going to be at the Hand in Hand festival in Tokyo singing with LGBT choirs from Asia and around the globe. We will be working on our charity status and hopefully get more funding to grow and reach out to more people. Of course, we will also continue to perform at community events and spread the message and awareness of LGBT rights. Then we’ll end the season with another wonderful concert.

harmonics unleash concert hong kongClick the image to RSVP on Facebook for their June 9th concert.


How can the community help support you?
We have a huge concert on Saturday, June 9th. Please come to see us and learn about us and tell your friends about it. In August, we will have open day and a trial period through mid-September for those thinking about joining. Do come and join us! Like our FB page for details. Beside talent, we’re also looking for support and sponsors to help build grow the choir.


Purchase tickets for the June 9 ‘Unleash’ concert here: bit.ly/2Jo2kMG
Their ‘Unleash’ concert will be held Saturday, June 9th at the Caritas Kowloon Community Hall, Prince Edward West at 7:30pm. Tickets are at HKD 180 each and available through Eventbrite. The concert will also feature AndrewGyne and the Unsung Heroes choir, comprised of Filipina Migrant workers. This concert allows them to unleash their voices and wring with pride.

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